Katonah Train Times (2024)

1. Metro-North Railroad

  • Way Ahead – Moving Forward

  • Metro-North serves customers throughout New York and Connecticut on our Harlem, Hudson, New Haven, Port Jervis, and Pascack Valley lines.

Metro-North Railroad

2. Katonah - MTA

Katonah - MTA


  • You'll be taken to your car, home or to any location in NY or CT within. 15 miles of Katonah Station. Guaranteed Ride Home Program Hours. Monday through Friday ...

4. [PDF] New Haven Line - CT.gov

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5. [PDF] weekdays via katonah station to grand central terminal - HARTransit

6. Metro-North Railroad Harlem commuter rail - Transit App

  • Katonah. 8:20 AM · Goldens Bridge. 8:24 AM · Purdy's. 8:28 AM · Croton Falls. 7:14 AM ... You can see the next Metro-North Railroad Harlem commuter rail times in ...

  • See next departure times, schedules, route maps and all stop locations for the rail


  • 8:20AM 9:10AM 50 (minutes). 8:53AM 9:30AM 37. 9:20AM 10:10AM 50. 9:53AM 10:30AM 37. 10:20AM 11:10AM 50. 10:53AM 11:30AM 37. 11:20AM 12:10PM 50.

8. Mount Kisco Train Schedule Grand Central - Mt Kisco Nueva York NYC

  • Departs, Arrives, Time ; MTK, GC, Minutes ; 7:14 AM, 8:22 AM, 68 ...

  • Mount Kisco Train Station Schedule from Grand Central Station New York Weekday Parking Weekends Meters Parking Permits Pass

Katonah Train Times (2024)


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